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Google: Get mobile friendly by 4-21-15 or else!

by • March, 05, 2015

Google has announced that starting April 21st, 2015 if your site doesn't meet their criteria for mobile friendly usability, it will "Significantly impact your search results". 


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Local Search Matters!

by • February, 16, 2015

Recently we helped a client correct their address and phone number on several of their listings for local search.


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eCommerce Changing Our Buying Habits

by • December, 09, 2014

Cyber Monday set a record for online sales of $2.68 billion in one day! On the flip side spending on Black Friday was down from last year which may be a sign that the purchasing habits of consumers may be drifting into virtual reality vs. physical. This continues the trend over the last several years of eCommerce sales rising, brick and mortar stagnant or declining.


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Website Design - It's those little details that count

by • November, 13, 2014

Somebody once said "Don't sweat the small stuff." Sadly, many people listened. In any business, the top performers in the industry are those that do indeed "sweat the small stuff". Those little details make all the difference in the world. Let me give you some examples.


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Why WordPress = Automatic Target

by • August, 25, 2014

WordPress has the distinction of being the most frequently used open source blogging tool and CMS (Content Management System in the world. Drupal is another CMS that is very popular. You would think that's a good thing. If it's so popular I should use it too right? Well not so fast... read on to see why the most popular means the biggest target for attack.


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Google Ads - Here, There & Everywhere!

by • June, 06, 2014

My last post highlighted that Google is now the World's most valuable brand. This post takes a quick look at why they are in the top spot.


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Google - World's Most Valuable Brand

by • June, 02, 2014

Think all those little ads at the top of the page or down the right hand column of those search results don't amount to much? Think again! Google just unseated Apple as the World's most valuable brand.


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Facebook's Listen In Feature

by • May, 30, 2014

Facebook knows we want to share all the juicy details of our lives so they've just made it easier. Now when you are composing a status update, you have the option to turn on your smartphone microphone and they can just listen in!


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Domain Age As A Search Ranking Factor

by • May, 28, 2014

There is a debate in the SEO world as to whether or not the age of a domain (how long it has been registered and has had an active website) is a factor in SEO and how well the domain ranks. Read the full story to get my opinion (based on experience!).


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It's Hard To Teach An Old (Web Site) Dog New Tricks

by • May, 27, 2014

This Old Web site guy had a birthday yesterday. I'm now officially on the wrong side of the hill. As an old guy we tend to get set in our ways... for instance. For the last Three years I've been typing/spelling Web site wrong. Turns out in April of 2010 the AP Style Guide says it should be website (lowercase, no space).


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A Web designer's "dirty and scary" job

by • May, 08, 2014

Did you know that 11% of Americans think HTML is an STD (for those of you who haven't been single in years, that's short for Sexually Transmitted Disease). Please don't tell my insurance agent or our health premiums may rise (and yes there's a bad pun in there).


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Three great articles on Competition, Business Ups and Downs and Business Strategy

by • April, 04, 2014

I normally like to write my own content. Not that I'm that good at it, but plagarizing isn't a win for anybody. However, this weeks post is really just links to Three great articles published in the Phoenix Business Journal. I enjoyed reading all Three of them and I think you will too!


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Survey Says... Video Persuades!

by • March, 17, 2014

Recent survey results from Animoto reveal that video on Web sites has persuaded nearly 3/4 of the visitors to B2C sites to make a purchase. Almost everyone (96%) said that videos were helpful in making purchasing decisions.


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Want to win $5,000 for Marketing?

by • March, 13, 2014

Intuit (developer of QuickBooks software) is having a contest with 15 winners being awarded $5,000 each in a marketing package. But hurry the contest entry ends March 16th.


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Is WordPress a Good Platform to Build a Web Site On?

by • March, 10, 2014

When a business owner or marketing department makes the decision to either redesign or build a new Web site the question of what platform to build on sometimes comes up. WordPress has great name recognition and the price is right (free). However a recent Q&A of WordPress experts and security pros has led me to believe it may not be the best choice.


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Don't buy on price... buy on value! Web sites and razors...

by • February, 24, 2014

My wife recently got a bloody reminder (literally) of what happens when you make purchase decisions based on price, not on value. She's an extremely frugal person so I'm not surprised this happened, but I'm hoping she learned her lesson and there may be a lesson in here for you as well.


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IE10 Zero Day Exploit (and why we don't Love Internet Explorer Even On Valentines Day)

by • February, 14, 2014

Internet Explorer (version 10 only at this point) once gain has a Zero Day Exploit (meaning no patch is available to fix it). In combination with Adobe Flash (another piece of software with a terrible track record on security) is being actively used to compromise systems. The attack seems primarily aimed at our military and was being exploited by a hack on the VFW Web site.


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If you use Comcast as your ISP, either at home or work, change your password now...

by • February, 10, 2014

Comcast has very quietly admitted that their mail servers were compromised and their customers data (e-mail address, passwords, etc.) have been compromised. Even if you don't use your Comcast account as your primary e-mail, you DO have an e-mail account with them for billing purposes...


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Ad Tax? Depreciating Your Advertising???

by • February, 07, 2014

Imagine having to depreciate 1/2 of your advertising budget over 10 years! If this crazy proposal by Congress, initiated by Dave Camp, surprisingly a Republican from Michigan succeeds that's what will happen.


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Google Confirms - Mobile Site Now A Necessity!

by • July, 26, 2013

Google in June confirmed what they had only hinted at before. Google, in some cases, will reduce your site's rankings, or even remove it from the search results when searchers are using a mobile device, AND you haven't delivered an optimized mobile site for them.


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