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Posts for Category Business Perspective

  • Learn From Pizza by

    This article is by Steve Krupnik a friend, client and marketer that I have the highest respect for. This article is reprinted with his permission. Steve is a consultant to Pawn Brokers across the country and his weekly E-news had this interesting spin on Internet marketing versus the Yellow Pages.

    His "Marketing Systems" section of his program states: "If you do not have a strong local presence on the Internet for your pawnshop, to more than half of the prospective customers in your area you simply do not exist."

  • Choose Your Web Provider Carefully... by

    In an interesting, conspiracy generating event, Blogetery.com a blogging platform shut down on July 9th. A week before Ipbfree.com went down as well. When reached for comment both companies said they can't say why they are closed, but they aren't coming back. This leaves many companies without their blog or message board and without notice or time to extract any of their content from the sites before they were closed...