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Domain Age As A Search Ranking Factor

by • May 28, 2014

There is a debate in the SEO world as to whether or not the age of a domain (how long it has been registered and has had an active website) is a factor in SEO and how well the domain ranks.

Some will say that the age of the domain is of little importance, that they have successfully gotten new domains/sites ranked well in a matter of months. Others (me included) say it is a factor. Here's why I say it is...

A client came to us to build a site. He previously had a domain but had lost it. We therefore had to register a new domain, adding inc to the end of his company name. Site went live using our usual on page and in-bound linking strategies. Within apx. 3 months the site was ranked on page 2 or 3 of the results depending on the keyword phrase. Ok, but not great. During the next 10 months we periodically ran a ranking report and saw little change. Site had very little if anything done to it content wise and we didn't do any work creating additional in-bound links.

Then, in month, 13 the site was in position #1, page #1 for our principle keyword phrase. The site had jumped well over a dozen positions and the only thing that was different (that we could tell) was the domain age.

This is why I strongly believe that domain/site age is an important ranking factor. Since our experience says it matters...

Dear Google,

Here's a list of the domains I just registered... please start the clock!

bangwebsitedesignphoenixaz.com, bangwebsitedesignphoenixarizona.com, deepdiscountknives.com, discountknivesshop.com, discountknivessite.com, discountknivesstore.com, hotknifesharpener.com, hotknivesforsale.com, knifeblowouts.com, knifediscounter.com, knifeinc.com, knifeonsale.com, knifesharpenershop.com, knivesdc.com, knivesforsaleonline.com, sharpeststeel.com, theknife.co.


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