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IE10 Zero Day Exploit (and why we don't Love Internet Explorer Even On Valentines Day)

by • February 14, 2014

Internet Explorer (version 10 only at this point) once gain has a Zero Day Exploit (meaning no patch is available to fix it). In combination with Adobe Flash (another piece of software with a terrible track record on security) is being actively used to compromise systems. The attack seems primarily aimed at our military and was being exploited by a hack on the VFW Web site.

The details were released by FireEye and are available on their site.

Internet Explorer has a long history of secuity issues. That's why we switched years ago to Firefox. While not perfect their recent track record (during 2013) is much better than Internet Explorer or Google's Chrome.

We encourage you to switch to a safer Web browser which will protect your computer and your identity security.

Be safe out there (on the Internet)!