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IE9, Firefox 4, and Chrome 10

by • March 28, 2011

In an unprecedented aligning of the stars, each of the major Web browsers released a new version in the past month. The Good News is, the browsers are all faster and are displaying Web pages quicker than previous versions. On the Bad news side... have you looked at your Web site with the latest browsers? I'm sure some of you haven't as IE9 in particular won't install on systems still running Windows XP.

As with all technology updates, there's lots to go wrong when updating to new technology. If you are curious how your site is holding up and displaying in the latest Web browsers, shoot me an e-mail. I'll take a look, provide a screen shot or two and advise you if we need to make some updates to keep the site representing you well. After all you don't want a broken Web site giving the wrong impression about your organization do you?

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