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If you use Comcast as your ISP, either at home or work, change your password now...

by • February 10, 2014

Comcast has very quietly admitted that their mail servers were compromised and their customers data (e-mail address, passwords, etc.) have been compromised. Even if you don't use your Comcast account as your primary e-mail, you DO have an e-mail account with them for billing purposes... "something"@comcast.net. We suggest that you log in and change your password as quickly as possible. With access to your primary account, hackers can create five or six more accounts and use them to send spam as well.


If you have used the same password for any other logins, to be safe you want to change those as well. The best and safest practice is to use a different password for each service... yes, it's a royal pain, however it's a good practice that prevents further compromises when one service gets hacked.

Full story at ZD Net.

Instructions on how to change your e-mail password at BANG! is here...

Be careful out there...