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Speaking of Social Media, Have you Liked Us on facebook yet?

by • March 21, 2011

BANG! now has a facebook page.

Take a peek at http://www.facebook.com/BANGwsd. While you are there click on the  button to receive our News Feeds.

With over 500 million users (which includes dog and cat profiles their owners have created for additional gaming accounts ;-) ) half of which log on to facebook every day. facebook has a huge potential for marketing to existing and attracting new customers.

Don't have a facebook business page setup for your company yet? We can help! We can setup your business page and train you on how to manage it. We’ll also provide tips on posting to get your clients and potential clients engaged.

Just shoot me an e-mail (Brian@BANGwsd.com) and let me know you’re interested. We'll take it from there. And no, I didn't forget to capitalize... facebook is all lower case by their design.

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