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Survey Says... Video Persuades!

by • March 17, 2014

Recent survey results from Animoto reveal that video on Web sites has persuaded nearly 3/4 of the visitors to B2C sites to make a purchase. Almost everyone (96%) said that videos were helpful in making purchasing decisions.

The survey was conducted in December of 2013 and had over 1,000 adult consumers as participants. Only 16% of the respondents were under the age of 25 (which may have skewed the results if they were all young 20 somethings) and over half were Smartphone owners. One interesting factoid was that nearly half of the participants had watched a video while in the bathroom (uh... yuck!). Also interestingly almost a 1/3 said they had watched video while at the dentist's office (anything to distract from the sound of the drill I guess!)

The survey indicated that 42% would like to see more product and service demonstration videos. 58% said they consider companies that produce videos to be more trustworthy (interesting!).

These numbers were all surveyed in a Business to Consumer scenario. While I don't have any handy statistics to prove that the B2B (Business to Business) world sees similar results, I don't see why they wouldn't. In the end, B2B is still selling from P2P (Person to Person). Sorry for all the acronyms today! :-)

YouTube is the 2nd most searched Web site out there (with Google being the first). That alone should get us thinking about the potential for video and particularly Web video as a marketing method or channel.

BANG! has video production companies we recommend in both Arizona and Indiana who can help you produce videos that we can then put on your site to help persuade your customers. In the Phoenix area we recommend 48 Hour Media who can not only do a great job, but do so quickly (48 Hours!). Contact us for an introduction.

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