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Three great articles on Competition, Business Ups and Downs and Business Strategy

by • April 04, 2014

I normally like to write my own content. Not that I'm that good at it, but plagiarizing isn't a win for anybody. However, this weeks post is really just links to Three great articles published in the Phoenix Business Journal. I enjoyed reading all Three of them and I think you will too!

First... 7 Ways to Beat Your Competition. As small business owners overall we are a pretty competitive lot. Good article with a sales slant.

Next... 3 Business Lessons You Can Learn From Farmers. Especially for our Midwest clients who actually might be able to see the ground again after this wicked Winter. I especially like the Looney Tunes reference in the 3rd lesson.

Last... 5 Universal Truths of Business Strategy. Some great advice including the often mentioned but often ignored "Listen to your customers!".

Good reading each and every one of them. Next week I'll bless you with my eloquent prose once again... hey stop laughing! :-)

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