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Top 10 questions about the BANG! Online Support System

by • July 15, 2011

1. What Support System?

In October 2010 we announced our new online Support System. You now have 24/7; 365 days a year free access to Knowledge base articles with clear instructions on how to solve the most common issues our client’s experience.

You can also submit a Support ticket from our online support system to add new email accounts, get assistance with email issues or request support on existing Web sites.

2. I went to the BANG! Support site and I don’t know what my username and password is.

Before you can submit a support ticket or review the history of your account, you must register for a free user account. Simply click on Register and enter a username and password. When choosing a password we recommend at least 6 characters. One or more of the characters should be a number or symbol and at least one character must be capitalized. This ensures password strength.

3. It’s Saturday and my SmarterMail mailbox is full, what do I do?

Our library of knowledge base articles offer solutions from email issues to clearing your browser cache. Simply go to support.bangwsd.com

4. I need to add a new email account and I simply don’t have time to call.

We know your time is valuable and we’ve simplified the task. Simply go to support.bangwsd.com and click Submit a Ticket or register for a free user account, click the link in the email confirmation and then all you have to do is just send an email to support@bangwsd.com. We’ll add the new email account and send you a confirmation once the new account has been setup.

5. I’ve called support and when I leave a message it asks for my support ticket number, how do I get a number?

When you Submit a Ticket you will be assigned a ticket number.

6. Do I always have to go to support.bangwsd.com to Submit a Ticket?

No, after you register for your free user account you will receive a confirmation email, simply click the link in the confirmation email. After that you can just send an e-mail to support@bangwsd.com and it will feed into the system.

7. How much will it cost me to use the Support System?

You can access our Knowledge base articles free of charge and receive clear instructions on how to solve the most common issues our Clients experience.

We continue to support free of charge difficulties sending or receiving e-mail from your computer using Outlook, Outlook Express, or Thunderbird e-mail clients as well as the SmarterMail/Webmail system. Please note that free support for email issues does not include e-mail delivery issues inbound or outbound to specific addresses (i.e. I can't get mail to/from someone@somewhere.com) as these instances generally involve issues on the other end, not our mail server.

Also we offer 60 days of free tech support to every new or updated Web site project.

All other tech support issues including Mobile devices will likely incur fees of $110 an hour with a 1/4 hour minimum ($27.50).

8. I can’t send emails from my Outlook or Thunderbird account how can I be expected to Submit a Ticket?

You can always submit a support ticket by using your browser and typing in http:support.bangwsd.com and then click submit a ticket.

9. I want to add new pages or features to my Web site; can I just Submit a Ticket?

To ensure that your Web site changes or additions are done to your specifications, we request that you contact Sales either by calling Phoenix, AZ (602)427-5626, Prescott, AZ (928)493-3480, South Bend, IN (574)245-9576, Tampa, FL (813)275-9576 or call toll free 1(800)801-9576 and press extension #1 or you can send an e-mail to Brian Rideout - brian@bangwsd.com.

10. Can I just keep using the same ticket after I open one?

In order to ensure that your issue get’s the attention that it deserves we request that you submit a ticket for each issue that you may have. Once you have submitted a ticket for a particular issue, simply click on reply when corresponding about the issue.

After each Support ticket has been resolved, you will be notified that the ticket will remain open for a week should there be any other issues. At the end of the week, the ticket will be closed and locked.

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