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Posts for May 2014

  • Facebook's Listen In Feature by

    Facebook knows we want to share all the juicy details of our lives so they've just made it easier. Now when you are composing a status update, you have the option to turn on your smartphone microphone and they can just listen in!

  • Domain Age As A Search Ranking Factor by

    There is a debate in the SEO world as to whether or not the age of a domain (how long it has been registered and has had an active website) is a factor in SEO and how well the domain ranks. Read the full story to get my opinion (based on experience!).

  • It's Hard To Teach An Old (Web Site) Dog New Tricks by

    This Old Web site guy had a birthday yesterday. I'm now officially on the wrong side of the hill. As an old guy we tend to get set in our ways... for instance. For the last Three years I've been typing/spelling Web site wrong. Turns out in April of 2010 the AP Style Guide says it should be website (lowercase, no space).

  • A Web designer's "dirty and scary" job by

    Did you know that 11% of Americans think HTML is an STD (for those of you who haven't been single in years, that's short for Sexually Transmitted Disease). Please don't tell my insurance agent or our health premiums may rise (and yes there's a bad pun in there).